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Birding Program

Birding is an activity that has been interesting for humans since immemorial times, driven by two main reasons: curiosity and necessity. Both reasons seem to be historically instinctual motives in seeking of a better nature’s understanding. Human's interest in knowing the characteristics, colors, songs, dances and behaviors of birds responds to the need to identify the environment, nature study, to determine the biological value of a natural area and their educational and tourism potential, among others.

This interest in nature inevitably leads to its appreciation, understanding of its magnificence, and to awaken a concern for conservation. In the case of birds, they are excellent indicators of the environments "health", since its absence or the specimens and species reduction  shows the habitat destruction, pollution or identifies problems with introduced species.

Birding involves other activities such as walking outdoors, enjoyment and contemplation of nature, performing physical activity, artistic expression through drawing or photograph, complete checklists, participate on identification programs, census and conservation plans, among others. That is to say that it is an activity that is fundamentally linked to the playful and social-educational aspect.


Generate knowledge on the avifauna present in the urban area of the municipality of Puerto Carreño, through the establishment of an environmental education program developed in major schools.

Expected results

  • Creation of group of birders from Puerto Carreno.
  • Development of guidelines for identifying local birds.
  • Development of posters and brochures with the most representative avifauna of the region as a promotion instrument.
  • Participation in national censuses and counts.
  • Provide material for holding national and international day of birds.
  • Creation and institution of Puerto Carreño's Birds Festival.
  • Workshops and lectures in schools and colleges

Botany Program:

Food production at home has become a valuable option for different cultures as a simple method of procurement of goods and materials, and obtaining fresh and healthy foods, as a way to guarantee saving money buying basic food for home consumption. Likewise care of the gardens, indoor plants and planting of native species finds its way into a globalized world, where every day becomes more difficult to enjoy outdoor's powers of nature.

Provide basic knowledge of botany, to encourage interest in the preservation and care of plants, while it aims for household food security.

Expected results:
Provide basic knowledge of botany to different segments of the community.
Develop composting workshops, gardening, home gardening, hydroponics and nurseries.
Promote tree planting and gardening in public spaces in the region.
Encourage interest in the preservation and care of plants.
Encourage good use and exploitation of natural heritage.

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